“Soccer Striker” Soccer Outdoor/Waterproof Sticker

The trees have a shimmer of fresh, bright spring green on their sturdy brown branches.  The buds are popping.  Everything and everyone is energized ... it's spring ... and soccer season!

With your new cleats gripping into the soft, wet field, you effortlessly manoeuvre the ball around a player of the opposing team and execute a perfect pass to your teammate.  Your teammate carriers the ball forward.  With all of the commotion, you go to the net, undetected by the other team.  The ball is             kicked toward the net.  It appears to be falling short.  You make a quick dash in, head-butt the ball and it flies past the goal keeper and into the net. 

You score!  You are Livin and Lovin Life ®!

You have a passion for soccer, so share it with others!  These outdoor waterproof stickers are suitable for any application including cars, bikes, windows, you name it!

  • Outdoor, waterproof stickers
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • 4 inch in diameter (circular)

We have 9 different designs.  The shipping costs of stickers for your order is likely free if       you have ordered clothing due to our shipping charges schedule. Please see FAQ section       for full details.




Price: $2.50

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