Save My Cat Outdoor/Waterproof Sticker

Your pet is a valued member of your family.  In the event of an emergency, be sure to let emergency first responders know of the presence of your beloved pet so they may ensure his/her safety.

In the event of a fire, time is precious.  Animals will often hide so it is imperative that fire fighters know to look for them.

In the event of a medical emergency or police intervention, first responders need to be aware of the presence of a pet so they do not accidentally allow him/her to leave the house and thus be lost on the streets.

These stickers also serve as a proactive warning to would-be thieves that    there is a pet in the home that may alert the home owner or neighbour of    their entry or criminal activity around the home.

Place the stickers on all entry points in the home (doors, windows).  You       may also wish to place one on the interior door to your pet's favourite room    to help guide first responders to their location in the home should they need    to be rescued.

Our pets provide us with much joy and comfort.  Let's ensure their well-being in the event of an emergency.

  • Outdoor, waterproof stickers
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • 4 inch in diameter (circular)

We have 9 different designs.  The shipping costs of stickers for your order is likely free if       you have ordered clothing due to our shipping charges schedule. Please see FAQ section       for full details.


Price: $2.50

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