“Canadian Pride” Canada Outdoor/Waterproof Sticker

 You ask yourself ...

What shall I do today?  Go sailing?  Walk my dog?  Or simply enjoy the splendor of my beautiful yard?

What job would I like to go into as a career?  Where do I choose to send my children to school?  What clubs and activities will my children or myself join?

Shall our next vacation be to a hotel get-a-way or perhaps we should buy a camper. 

We Canadians have so many lifestyle choices available to us.  Our freedom, provided to us by those who fought for our country have given us the gift of safety, security and rights to a lifestyle of freedom and choices. 

Make good use of the sacrifices of other great Canadians and honour them by living a life of integrity and dignity. 

I designed this sticker with the maple leaf because of my love for Canada and deepest gratitude and immense respect for those who fought for Canada and thus provided me with endless opportunities to live a life of choices and freedom.

Thank you!

 ps. The maple leaf depicted in the sticker is one plucked from my backyard October Glory Maple tree.

You are a proud Canadian, so share your passion with others!  These outdoor waterproof stickers are suitable for any application including cars, bikes, windows, you name it!

  • Outdoor, waterproof stickers
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • 4 inch in diameter (circular)

We have 9 different designs.  The shipping costs of stickers for your order is likely free if       you have ordered clothing due to our shipping charges schedule. Please see FAQ section       for full details.


Price: $2.50

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