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Why does Livin & Lovin Life ® Use a Dog as the Logo?      

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My Oakley doggie.

Oakley is my dog.  He is my joy, my passion, my constant companion.  We’ve been together since he was a pup.  Anyone who has had the priviledge of bonding with a pet will appreciate the unconditional love that only such a creature could bestow upon any human.  No one is happier to see me when I walk through the door than my dog!  Something which every pet parent simply knows!  He springs into action with his Bichon run circling around the house yipping and bouncing.

When I decided to start Livin & Lovin Life ®, it was only natural the he be the logo of this positive apparel company.  His unbounded positive energy and “living in the moment” approach to life is the perfect representation of the spirit of Livin & Lovin Life ®.  He doesn’t get caught up in decisions of the past, or worries of the future.  He just “is”.  He lives in the moment and makes the best of it.  Now you might say, “of course, it’s easy for a dog to be happy … he’s taken care of”.  But Oakley has had his share of misfortunes and pain, and through it all, he maintained his spirit and is now in the best shape of his life and happier than ever.

A Visual Message of Unconditional Love

Oakley is not just a logo for “animal lovers”.  He is a visual message of unconditional love, being thankful for all that we have, and showing gratitude towards the people in our lives here and now.  It’s about how all of life is connected and how each of our own actions affects others.

Be good. Be kind.  Be thankful.  Lay the ground work for a life of integrity and honesty and then …. Find your passion ® and you too will be Livin & Lovin Life ® !!


Oakley is coming home!
This is Oakley’s first car ride as he is coming home with me after being adopted. Little did I know at the time what a wonderful addition he would be in my life.

Thanks mom for making sure I will be rescued!


Oakley waiting for me to throw his toy for him.


Oakley sporting his winter track suit. He loves his daily walks and never lets the cold or snow stop him from getting out on the trails.


Oakley after surgery. This time he had all of his remaining teeth extracted … and he’s never been happier! Oakley was genetically pre-disposed to being susceptible to periodontal disease. After brushing his teeth twice daily for years, and still having teeth issues, his teeth were all extracted. He would like everyone to know that he is doing great, eats anything he wants without trouble (a little slower pace though), and says to tell you that removing all his teeth was the best thing to ever happen to him.


Oakley is tired after helping me select pictures for the website. Time to “go sleepy”.

NEW … updated photos and information to share with you about my new doggie Misha whom I adopted from a local dog rescue group.  He was in rough shape and suffering when I adopted him but he’s doing wonderful now.   He is the joy of my every day!  I’ll have to come back and update later as the little guy is waiting for me to go out on our walk together.


Here is Misha! … and here is his story.


Misha was seen running the streets alone.  Thankfully, a good person took a picture and he was finally saved and brought to a dog rescue group.  I regularly follow postings of animal rescue groups and missing pet groups and when I saw this photo, I decided to continue checking back to follow this little guys ordeal.

Misha on the Run

Misha was saved from the streets and brought to a dog rescue group.  Here his is now safe and warm in his foster families home.  Thank you for taking care of him!


Here is our first meeting which was also the day I adopted him.  Welcome Misha!  We are both so lucky to have found eachother!


Oakley and Misha getting to know eachother …


Misha modelling his winter coats!


Misha is tired of selecting photos for the website.  Time for him to play and then “go sleepy”.  Thanks for reading!


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  1. Wendy says:

    WOW, I just went through your entire site! VERY impressive, I am SO happy to see you share your enthusiasm for life, your passion for ALL life has to offer and really love your wonderful “stories” that go along with your stickers. Ah yes indeed, we ARE very blessed to be living in Canada. A beautiful addition with Oakley’s photos, gotta LOVE the 1st car ride to his loving new home. He’s one lucky dog and you’re one lucky lady to have each other! With Love from Wendy & Bella <3

  2. Wendy says:

    Ooops, sorry, I also wanted to mention that I really like the wide variety of clothing…something for everyone. Hey…GREAT place to come and get that special present for that special someone. :)

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