Livin & Lovin Life ® is a positive apparel company located in LaSalle, Ontario.  (Windsor-Essex County Region)

Livin & Lovin Life ® celebrates the joys of life we each experience in our own unique way.  Through a variety of apparel items, you can celebrate your passion and share it with others.

Livin & Lovin Life ® is about recalling cherished moments in time which rekindle inner peace and happiness.  We all have something which brings us great joy, whether it is a hobby, activity or being with our family, friends and pets.  Livin & Lovin Life ® reminds people to slow life down, enjoy a quiet moment and remember that which makes you happy …  Find your passion ®.  Especially during challenging moments in life, take time to search again for that which brings you joy and start Livin & Lovin Life ®!

As someone who enjoys living life on the positive side, I will feature items which focus on one’s passions in life whether they be sports, hobbies, wildlife or whatever makes you smile each day!

The designs offer a unique and celebratory flavour and complement featured activities and hobbies highlighting the passion one feels when living their life with joy and gratitude.

If you wish to contact me, you can email me at kristen@livinlovinlife.com

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  1. Mary Barlow says:

    Congratulations Kristen & Oakley on your new endeavour. Site looks great. I shall be visiting often and look forward to becoming a customer real soon. I wish you great success … I’m POSITIVE it will be !
    Best Regards,
    mary b

  2. Sarah M says:

    The site and products look amazing! Oakley looks sooooo cute as a cartoon character!

  3. Wendy says:

    very well organized and laid out site! I am also looking forward to future purchases! Wishing you and Oakley the VERY best <3

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