Go for it!

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take” — Wayne Gretzky

It’s the third period with 43 seconds left on the clock.  You’re on the bench and the score is tied.  Your eyes    fixated on the play, heart pounding, cheering your teammates on … your team makes a change on the fly.  You’re over the boards and skating to the puck.  You   swoop in on the other team, unaware of your    unannounced arrival and take the puck. 

It’s a break-away!  The team, the crowd, the coaches, all attention is on you. 

You shoot … you score!  You are Livin & Lovin Life ®!

You have a passion for hockey, so share it with others!  These outdoor waterproof stickers are suitable for any application including cars, bikes, windows, you name it!

  • Outdoor, waterproof stickers
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • 4 inch in diameter (circular)

Livin & Lovin Life ® currently has 9 different outdoor/waterproof stickers available.  All are circular in shape and 4 inches in diameter.   Six are related to sports and hobbies, while the remaining three are related to pet emergency/safety stickers.  Click here to go directly to the stickers product page.

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