Charity Donation to Wings Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre – WoofaRoo

I am pleased to be donating a basket of product to the charity auction at WoofaRoo Pet Fest this August 9th and 10th. (Livin & Lovin Life® dog bandana, Save My Dog emergency sticker and pet treats). While there are many fabulous rescues/charities in attendance, I have requested the proceeds from my donation go to WINGS WILDLIFE REHABILITATION CENTRE. Wings has always done exceptional work bringing aid to local animals but had alot of extra expenses and effort this past winter helping local animals survive the harsh winter conditions this year. They have also helped me in the past with a bird which was stuck hanging upside down in a tall tree with a string wrapped around its leg. They were happy to come out to my house right away. Thank you Wings for all you do for the community and animals. You are awesome! I will be offering reduced sale prices on all product at WoofaRoo … please stop by and say hi!
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